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Tensorflow is one of the most used software libraries for machine learning. It is developed by Google and can be used with Python. Current version is 1.9.

Do I have Tensorflow?

To find out wether you have Tensorflow installed and which version you might have, type

python3 -c 'import tensorflow as tf; print(tf.__version__)'

If that throws an error saying somethin with invalid syntax, please check for your Python version and downgrade.

Installing Tensorflow

On a Mac with pip

Pip is a Python package manager that let’s you install Tensorflow and other software. You will need pip3 with version >10. Please check your version with:

pip3 -V

Upgrading Pip3

Current version is 18, so you might (or will have to) upgrade. Please try one of those:

$ pip3 install --upgrade
$ sudo pip3 install --upgrade

Then check if installation was successfull by checking vor the version again (see above). Then try installing Tensorflow again.

Now install Tensorflow:

$ pip3 install tensorflow

If that seemed to be successful, confirm the installation by checking for the version (see above). If not, continue with step 2 from this installation guide.

Error "Could not find ..."

This error seems to be quite common. Then try

$ sudo pip3 install --upgrade

This command can also be used to upgrad your version of Tensorflow.

After installation

Check for the version again to assure, that Python and Tensorflow are working nice together.

Other ways of installing

Here you find the official install guides for various platforms.

Other resources

Some official Tensorflow tutorials to get started with.

Archive of tested Tensorflow models on GitHub.

Uninstalling Tensorflow

Try these commands

$ pip uninstall tensorflow
$ pip3 uninstall tensorflow