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On the USB drive you find

Neural Network/
    This directory contains the RNN Model. Once on your harddrive, this is also the place for your project folders
•   _model/
    The directory, where all the Python code for the model is in
•   rnn.py
    The program, that starts the model for both training and playing.

•   Everything that is also on this website

Sample input/
•   A few .txt files containing preformatted text that can be used right away or can serve as inspiration

Pretrained checkpoints/
•   A few project folders that you can copy inside of the Neural Network folder on your computer

Share your results here/
•   A directory, where you are invited to leave a copy of your work. That can be a screenshot, screencast, your text input, your results, or trained checkpoints.
    E.G. in subfolders like

•   Python 3.6 Installer for Mac
•   Caffeine for Mac to keep your computer alive while training

Or download

Neural Network

Sample Text

Python installer