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Installing the model

Create a working directory

Create a new directory that you want to work in, e.g. my-folder.

Copy the Neural Network folder from the USB drive into the folder that you just created. Rename it as you wish, e.g. tensorflow. Your directory now looks like this:

•   other stuff that you may have here
•   tensorflow/
    •   _model/
        A folder with the machine learning model inside. You don’t have to do anything here.
    •   rnn.py
        The program that trains and plays the neural network. You can open it to adjust parameters, but you can do that later
    •   my-new-project/
        •   input/
            •   your-input-data.txt

my-new-project is a project directory. For now it only contains en empty input folder. There you can paste your input .txt file. Later your project directory will also contain all training checkpoints, logs and generated outputs. For every new project you want to train on, you should create a new project directory within the tensorflow folder.

Now let’s fill that input folder with some input data.